Is the Second Screen e-Commerce’s Secret Weapon?

A new survey by SOASTA, a performance analytics firm, analyzed mobile app usage by smartphone/tablet owners expected during the Super Bowl. One-third (32 percent) plan to use social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, 20 percent sports apps like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. (more…)

SOASTA Launches Data Science Workbench for Businesses

The performance platform pulls together Web-based and mobile user data with business, marketing and other data sources. Performance measurement and analytics specialist SOASTA has announced the release of Data Science Workbench, a query and analysis environment for gaining insight from user experience performance data. (more…)

SOASTA Transitions From Cloud Testing to Performance Analysis

While SOASTA will continue to focus on its cloud-testing solutions, the company is working on making performance a more fundamental aspect to its portfolio. The company announced the addition of a new analytics solution in order to provide actionable insight into complex performance and user experience data. The Data Science Workbench is designed to provide instant insights, spot trends and identify issues. (more…)

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

Are you geared up to cope with the festive rush? Consumer spending via mobile devices is worth nearly £8B a year and is expected to account for over £23B by 2018. (more…)

SOASTA Selected by AlwaysOn as One of the 2014 OnMobile Companies to Watch

This year, the AlwaysOn editorial team has identified 50 mobile companies to watch during the coming year. Representing a wide range of sectors—advertising, cloud services, commerce, enterprise, social networking, marketing, and entertainment—these up-and-comers have solid, early-stage backing and the potential to hit $200 million in revenue during the next few years, indicating substantial returns for their inventors and rapid revenue growth in the short-term. These companies represent the future of mobile, providing hard-working, go-to applications and hardware solutions for both consumer and business users. (more…)

Apps to Influence Behavior and Costumes in 2014

Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays here in America. creative types, kids and even the couple down the street will invest a lot of time and money in planning out the perfect Halloween costume. Kids spend time planning their trick-or-treat route. There's a lot of planning going on here, sounds like an app might be needed. SOASTA thought so too. SOASTA, a company NASA, the Olympics, Netflix and many top retailers in the U.S. use for their website and mobile app testing said that out smartphone apps will influence Halloween costumes and how kids spend Halloween night for 2014. (more…)

The Rebirth of Application Performance Management

Of all the changes that the dynamic APM industry is facing in today’s increasingly digital world, perhaps the most important aspect of the industry’s rebirth is how it’s bringing digital professionals and IT personnel together – giving them real facts to discuss that are relevant and important to both groups. In fact, APM dashboards can facilitate “fact-based discussions between the business and performance guys,” according to Peter Galvin, SVP of Marketing for mobile and web performance testing vendor SOASTA. (more…)

Sky Believes in Better Testing

The demand for greater access and variety of online content and services has driven a lot of business at Sky over recent years. Both Sky Go and Now TV have seen an explosion in usage and Sky is looking to add a range of new services to customers to continue its dominance in the internet TV services market. In order to do that, Sky has replaced its existing test solutions with the SOASTA CloudTest platform. (more…)

Sky Signs Cloud Testing Deal With SOASTA

CloudTest platform to be used to ensure viewing platforms such as Sky Go can handle fluctuations in traffic. Sky has announced a deal to test its internet TV services using the CloudTest platform from SOASTA. (more…)

Review: Appcelerator is a Mobile Cloud Platform in Progress

The Cloud panel shows usage, exposes data management, displays API request and push notification logs, lists custom services, and allows for cloud configuration. The testing panel uses SOASTA’s TouchTest as an integrated mobile testing solution. The performance panel allows you to monitor your apps; troubleshoot performance, crashes, and exceptions; view crash trends; integrate with bug tracking systems; and configure your monitoring. (more…)

SOASTA Supports Testing on Any Apple Device Running iOS 8 from Day One

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SOASTA, the leader in cloud and mobile testing and real user monitoring, today announced mobile app testing support on all off-the-shelf Apple devices running iOS 8 the same day as Apple iOS 8 is commercially available. This includes the larger new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. SOASTA takes an in-app approach to testing with TouchTest, which is architected to support every new iOS release with no delay for developers. (more…)

5 Online Retail Steps for Preparing For Cyber Monday – Starting Now

“Holiday shopping is the most important time of the year for e-commerce retailers globally, and with substantial consumer adoption of mobile and online shopping, retailers must deliver a flawless experience to their customers,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA. “Just a one second delay could cause an e-commerce site generating $10,000 in daily sales to lose $250,000 annually. Delays and downtime during the holiday season could seriously impact revenue. (more…)