Industry Watch: Make your Holiday Plans Now

It seems the gift-giving season each year starts earlier and earlier. Walk into a store in January and see Valentine’s Day promotions. Go to an online retail site in late September, and you’ll see Christmas/Chanukah promotions. So, if you’re writing applications at a retail outfit that counts on online revenue, your planning, development and testing need to start earlier and earlier as well. (more…)

Gatwick Airport Using Cloud to Boost Ground Services Collaboration

Airport aims to improve customer experience as well with cloud testing Passengers could soon be able to board planes quicker at Gatwick Airport thanks to a project that aims to increase the sharing of information between airplanes and ground services. The airport is using a cloud testing service from SOASTA to assess a cloud-based collaboration platform. (more…)

Gatwick Testing Cloud Platform to Keep Airlines, Ground Services in Sync

Gatwick Airport is testing a cloud-based collaboration platform used to connect trusted partners across and outside the airport, allowing airlines and ground crew to share and access critical data. The move is part of the airport’s broader strategy to shift more of its IT systems to the cloud. The airport is using SOASTA’s cloud testing platform platform, which gives users insight into load, functional and UI performance of cloud-based application, to test and validate the platform’s capabilities at scale. (more…)

SD Times: Testing in a Continuous Delivery World

Software development went and got itself in a big damn hurry. Agile practices combined with continuous integration and delivery practices have dramatically sped up the development life cycle, reducing project sprints from months to weeks to even days. (more…)

Bessemer Venture Partners: BVP Cloudscape: Top 300 Private Cloud Companies

In the three years since we created the first BVP Cloudscape to document the emerging Cloud Computing hyper-trend, the movement has only gained more momentum. No longer a rogue approach, the Cloud model (encompassing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) is now the default choice for end users seeking better applications, CIOs making strategic investments, and entrepreneurs building new businesses. (more…)

The Term ‘Internet of Things’ Unfamiliar to 3 Out of 4 Americans

Three out of four Americans have no idea what the Internet of things is, but they get pretty excited about the idea when told what it entails, according to a recent survey. Cars and smart home appliances are the most highly anticipated applications of Internet-enabled consumer technologies, and about 77 percent of those surveyed, once the Internet of things (IoT) is explained, believe it will benefit essentially any kind of activity, according to the study by SOASTA, which makes cloud testing solutions for Websites and mobile apps. (more…)

Business Insider: More Evidence That Google Glass Will Be A Hit With Businesses

Fresh off last week's hilarious investigation into the life of a Google Glass wearer by The Daily Show (where Glass-wearing folks were totally ripped on), Google is fighting back. Monday morning, Google announced the first five members of its "Glass at Work" program. The program was launched in April for developers working bring enterprise apps to Glass. (more…)

SOASTA Partners with CA Technologies for App Testing

Application testing services in the cloud and service virtualization should naturally be joined at the hip. In fact, once most organizations become aware of service virtualization they tend to acquire both technologies in tandem. Recognizing that simple fact, SOASTA this week inked an alliance with CA Technologies. Under this alliance SOASTA’s application testing service in the cloud, CloudTest, will be integrated with Service Virtualization and the CA LISA Test software suites sold by CA Technologies. (more…)

CEO Interview: What do Obamacare and HBO GO have in common?

So many times I’ve seen companies fail to test the scalability of their applications or websites because it is “too hard” to simulate that much activity. The most famous, current, example of a failure to test scalability has been, also known as “Obamacare” and the “Affordable Care Act”. For months we’ve all heard about the problems trying to connect, and not being able to do so. (more…)

3 Tips for Testing Your App

Three out of four apps today are never scale tested for thousands (and more) of people using them at once, according to SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos. And first impressions mean everything on the web. “Consumers are always three clicks away from going to the next app or website,” says Lounibos. SOASTA, with clients including NASA, Netflix (NFLX), Microsoft (MSFT), Gilt Groupe and Bonobos, as well as the Sochi and London Olympics, tests apps through a private cloud that simulates a barrage of users at one time. Through testing, Lounibos says companies can optimize the speed, efficiency and overall operation of their app, making sure they’re ready for launch and any sudden onslaught. (more…)

51% of March Madness Fans Follow the Tournament at Work

The National Collegiate Athletic Association can't put March Madness on hold when people have to go to work, so fans are getting creative with mobile apps to keep up with their favorite teams at the office. A new survey from tech company SOASTA shows that more than half of March Madness fans follow the tournament on their smartphones at work — even during conference calls and while they're receiving performance reviews. (more…)

Apps Score a Slam Dunk with March Madness Fans

March Madness lovers who want to follow the games both day and night can breathe a sigh of relief—thanks to mobile apps. According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive for SOASTA, mobile users are turning to their second screen during the workday to keep up with this year’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament. (more…)

Testing-as-a-Service can provide a competitive edge

Test early and test often is a mantra circling around software development life cycles these days, but with the pressures to quickly deliver an application to market and constantly update it, testing doesn’t come easily. Not all organizations have enough employees or resources to keep up with their competition. It isn’t enough to just put an application out there; quality is important. “Development and QA organizations have known for a long time that dedicated testing resources for individual development teams and projects [are] inefficient and leads to poor utilization of IT resources,” said Mughees Minhas, Oracle’s VP of product management. (more…)