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Watch Test Suite Dashboard Product Video

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Watch Test Suite Dashboard Product Video  The Test Suite dashboard can be used for web and mobile Functional Testing and allows the tester to easily browse through the history of a test suite and the test compositions in it, right down to the action level where validations pass/fail, and where regressions can be detected and fixed. The… Read more »

SOASTA CTO, Tal Broda, on the Latest RUM Expansion to Include Mobile Consumers

We here at SOASTA are strong believers that there is always room for more RUM. Embracing this concept, SOASTA now offers complete native app support with mPulse, our award-winning Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution, which now delivers the first and only multi-dimensional views of actual user behavior whether on mobile web, web or native mobile applications…. Read more »

Dynamic Ramp Control

In this short demo, CloudTest VP Product Management, Dan Bartow shows how CloudTest’s dynamic ramp controls can be used to modify load levels on the fly. Change tests as they run!

Installing SOASTA CloudTest® Lite

This demo shows you how easy it is to install CloudTest Lite on your local machine. Fred Beringer, SOASTA VP of Product Management, walks you through the process so you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes and get going testing your web or mobile application.

SOASTA CloudTest Lite – Introduction to Monitoring

This demo shows you how easy it is to monitor your web and mobile applications using CloudTest Lite. Fred Beringer, SOASTA VP of Product Management, demonstrates ways to optimize app performance to find the bottlenecks in either the app or infrastructure that cause less than optimal performance.

Mobile Test Automation

Conventional mobile app testing solutions that require coding are cumbersome and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be that way. Watch this hands-on demo and see for yourself how SOASTA TouchTest delivers an unprecedented level of speed, ease and accuracy in mobile app testing.