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SOASTA2015 — Performance is Everything

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Last week we hosted SOASTA2015, a unique technology conference that brings together our employees, customers, partners, and industry luminaries every year to discuss the state of the market and share our plans for the coming year. The theme for this year’s event and our new mantra for the company is: Performance is Everything. It’s a… Read more »

SOASTA Reveals 5 Technology Predictions for 2014

It’s been a great 2013.  Out of the global $1.2 trillion dollars’ worth of business conducted online in 2013 across the globe, SOASTA is trusted with protecting 10% of that figure –or $150 billion.  Based on the hundreds of brands SOASTA worked with this year and listened to the challenges they face, there are 5… Read more »

SOASTA Delivers Retail Readiness Success Once Again

As has been the case over the last few years, reports have been released documenting the commercial success, and failures, during this holiday shopping season.  By all accounts, online shopping continues to grab market share, and shopping from mobile devices, particularly tablets, has grown dramatically.  And, as usual, there have been reports of site issues… Read more »

A Cautionary Tale –

The mass rush on state healthcare exchanges has led to multiple website outages since the marketplaces began taking enrollments last week. More than 7 million people are expected to sign up for insurance and this has put a strain on even, the ObamaCare website that experienced significant downtime, according to NBC News. It is clear… Read more »

Ideas are Cheap – Execution is Expensive

Today we (SOASTA) announced that we have raised an additional $30M in capital for the acceleration of the global expansion that we began last year. The past few years in the Silicon Valley have become the era of “mega-financing” ($50M to $150M rounds) in venture capital. So, at $30M, this financing may appear to some… Read more »

The Epicenter of Scale

I’ve just returned from a milk run through Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. China, and Beijing, are redefining all western views of scale. The business diversity is immense. It’s hard not to be impressed by the curiosity and enthusiasm of the citizens of the world in this very modern city, in this very modern country…. Read more »

Baseball, Hot Dogs and Start-Ups

Once upon a time I played a little baseball. Despite this rather innocuous beginning to my career, for the past 35 years I have been building startup software companies in The Valley. The surprising part is just how similar the two experiences are, especially around success and failure. Hear me out. Growing up in the… Read more »

Delivering Contextual Intelligence to Mobile & Web Developers

The enterprise mobile world is in its very early days, with most companies still developing their strategies (native, HTML5 or Hybrid).  The fact is, and even for the most advanced mobile developers, most have been working in the dark when it comes to understanding how users interact with their applications. This lack of visibility into… Read more »

iOS 6. If it’s available, SOASTA supports it!

In the next week or so, estimates suggest that as many as 10 million of us will be upgrading to the iPhone 5. Its sleek design and larger screen, combined with the feature-rich release of iOS 6, has most mobile developers dreaming up all kinds of new ways to incorporate this new functionality into their own… Read more »

It’s All Mobile

CIOs are aging fast these days as they contemplate what it means to shift their strategies, organizations and technology to meet the enormous business challenges in their consumers’ and employees’ mobile world. The strategy challenges alone are mind numbing and the questions are limitless. Native vs. HTML5 or hybrid? How do we support BYOD? Which… Read more »

Mission to Mars

We seem to have a fascination with Mars. Brian De Palma produced a movie about it starring Tim Robbins, Gary Sinese and Don Cheadle no less. David Bowie wrote the song Is There Life on Mars? While we still don’t know if there’s life on Mars, at 10:31 PT tonight a significant advancement will be… Read more »

We’ve Come a Long Way Baby – London 2012 Version

Thanks J.J. Colao and for a great Moore’s Law scenario: “Fifteen years ago it took 6-8 weeks and $1 million to test a web application with a load of 4,000 concurrent users. And that was just for the software license – you’d still be on the hook for the servers. These days that same… Read more »

New Product, New Website, New Headquarters

Taking the Next Steps Toward a Mobile Future Four years ago we began our journey to provide performance engineers, mobile developers and testers with a platform for testing a new generation of applications. Our goal was to deliver automation, scalability, accuracy and affordability in QA that consumer-facing web applications required. Our first product, CloudTest, provided… Read more »

How a Baseball Hall of Famer Hits a Home Run in the Cloud [Q&A Series]

The following is a guest blog from Kristen Nicole, a Senior Editor at Ms. Nicole was named by Forbes as a top influencer in Big Data and her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC. Being inducted into an athletic hall of fame is no easy feat,… Read more »

What Rackspace’s OpenStack Announcement Means to SOASTA Customers

In case you weren’t able to attend Monday’s Rackspace OpenStack Design Summit in San Francisco, here are the highlights: On the heels of rival Citrix Systems’ CloudStack announcement, Rackspace released its production-ready next generation cloud powered by OpenStack. OpenStack is the open source cloud operating system defined by developers and organizations including NASA, IBM, Red… Read more »

It’s Springtime For Mobile Application Testing

In the spring of 2008 Cloud Computing was the featured “flower” that dominated the conversation in the technology flowerbed. With Spring 2010 arrived a new flower, Dev/Ops, with its Agile methods, practices, and integration between software development and IT operations.  Now, in the spring of 2012, another flower is blooming: Mobile Testing. Testing, once called… Read more »

“Minority Report” Defining Today’s User Interface

Think back to Steven Spielberg’s 2002 classic, “Minority Report”, the movie that explored the future of human/machine interface in 2054. It was both cool and exciting, and it was also years away from reality. Or was it? Here we are, now ten years removed, and some of these concepts, gesture-based applications (everywhere), hovering gestures (Apple… Read more »