Only when you have complete visibility into user experience as well as your own technical, business and customer satisfaction performance, can you become part of today’s web performance winners’ circle

Tom Lounibos, CEO & Co-Founder, SOASTA

Performance means business

Performance analytics means smart business

In the hyper-competitive online marketplace, providing a better customer experience is the only way to win. It’s a world where milliseconds can add up to millions – and one where performance is everything. But optimizing customer experience goes way beyond measuring speed and engagement. SOASTA gives you a crystal-clear view of the relationship between end-to-end performance, user behavior and business goals, and provides the actionable intelligence you need to maximize digital business performance, in real time. With SOASTA, you spend less time searching for intelligence – and more time putting it to work.


Ken Gardner
Executive Chairman

Tom Lounibos
CEO & Co-Founder

Pete Boyes
Chief Financial Officer

Ann Sung Ruckstuhl
Chief Marketing Officer

Gamiel Gran
Chief Strategy Officer

Dave Murphy
Sr Vice President of Delivery

Board of Directors

John Balen

Clint Chao

Blake Modersitzki

Bryan LeBlanc

Ken Gardner
Executive Chairman

Tom Lounibos
CEO & Co-Founder

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